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Kenwood Cuvee Brut

Bin: 10, Region: California
A light refreshing balanced sparkling wine with fruit flavors and aromas of citrus
Glass - 7, Bottle - 27

Duc de Valmer Brut

Bin: 11, Region: France
Nice and dry, this non-vintage wine is not too acidic yet well balance typical of some French regions sparkling wines. Goes great with calamari
Glass - 9, Bottle - 34

Selmo Blue Prosseco

Bin: 12, Region: Italy
Notes of musk, rosewood, sage and ripe fruit. The palate is sweet, fresh and gracious. Featuring a backdrop that is, by turns and musky
Glass - 12, Bottle - 45

Frivolo ’13 Moscato Bianco

Bin: 13, Region: California
Frivolo is a light, refreshing Moscato wine with a slight spritz, patternet after an Italian Moscato d'Asti
Glass - 12, Bottle - 45

Chateau St. Michelle ’13 Riesling

Bin: 101, Region: Washington
Very crisp rich flavors of ripe peaches. This wine is like a bowl fruit in a glass! the fresh fruit and decadent character is balanced the wine in harmony
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Hoghe ’13 gewurztraminer

Bin: 102, Region: Washington
This wine offers a varietal spiciness, intense aromas and flavors of tangerine, orange and cream. Perfect balance of sweet, rich fruit and crisp acidity and a slight minerality
Glass - 8, bottle - 32

Santorini Vinsanto

Bin: 103, Region: Greece
A fine dessert wine from the sun dried grapes Assyrtiko and Aidani of Santorini.


Bin: 105, Region: Greece
A ruby-red coor; an intense and rich nose redolent of black raisins;

Oenodea ’12 Sauvignon Blanc

Bin: 120, Region: Greece
White flowers, peach and light vegetal aromas. Soft, well-rounded with intense acidity and a satisfactory long finish
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Shedhorn ’12 Sauvignon Blanc

Bin: 121, Region: California
Clear crisp fruit with a long nice finish. Very pleasant and aromatic with floral and grapefruit notes
Glass - 11, Bottle - 42

Babich Black Label ’13 Savignon Blanc

Bin: 122, Region: New Zealand
The bouquiet is an inviting mix of tropical, passion fruit aromas. Palate entry is luscious and lively, bursting with passion fruit
Glass - 9, Bottle - 34

Drylands ’13 Sauvignon Blanc

Bin: 123, Region: New Zealand
Aromatically grassy Sauvignon Blanc with green capsicum, lemon grass and gooseberry contrasting with more excotic passion fruit flavors
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Tuscan Sun Penisero ’12

Bin: 130, Region: Italy
Light green hues accent the radiant straw yellow color of t his wine. On the nose, bountiful fruit aromas are evident, the nose striking of which are pears and apples.
Glass - 9, Bottle - 32

Bel Vento

Bin: 131, Region: Bel Vento
This wine style common description are "light, crisp and dry". These characteristics are complemented by aroma notes of lemon, green apples and blossoms.
Glass - 7, Bottle - 22


Bin: 132, Region: Italy
Born of grapes harvested from high in the Italian Alps, this is a most delicious Pinot Grigio. Balanced and lively & creamy
Glass - 9, Bottle - 32

Wisteria ’11 Chardonnay

Bin: 140, Region: California
This crisp Chardonnay has rich apple and pear note, balanced by sweet oaky vanilla
Glass - 8, Bottle - 27

Shedhorn ’10 Chardonnay

Bin: 141, Region: California
Great fruit notes of pears and apples gives way to some vanilla and creme brule hints
Glass - 10, Bottle - 42

Alpha Omega ’13 Chardonnay

Bin: 142, Region: California
Very clean and crisp version of a California Chardonnay without oak or a malolactic fermentation, it still has an interesting creamy texture
Bottle - 53

Castel des Maures

Bin: 150, Region: France
A light refreshing wine bursting with red fruits, a perfect balance of roundness and length which makes it an easy drinking wine for all seasons
Glass - 9, Bottle - 32

Kourtaki Retsina

Bin: 160, Region: Greece
Dry and slightly piquant, owed to the addition of pine resin to the must during fermentation
Glass - 7, Bottle - 25

Jackson Triggs-Reserve Vidal Ice Wine

Bin: 170, Region: Canada
Fresh tropical aromas of papaya, mango and apricot. Bold fruit flavors balanced with fine acidity and conclude with an exquisite silky finish.
Glass - 9, Bottle - 54