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Taft Street ’13 Pinot Noir

Bin: 200, Region: California.
This 2013 Pinot Noir pairs very soft, mature tannins with amazing ripe fruit flavors, aromas of ripe plums, cola, cherry and tobacco
Glass - 11, Bottle - 45

Gauthier ’10 Pinot Noir

Bin: 201, Region: California
Dry, smoothly tannic Pinat. It has complex berry, cola. pomegranate and spice flavors. and feels elegant and serious.
Glass - 12, Bottle - 48

Shedhorn ’11 Petit Syrah

Bin: 210, Region: California
Blueberry and dark berry aromas. deliciously fills your mouth with blueberries and cocoa. The vanilla oak and cedar compliments this well-balanced and soft tannin wine.
Glass - 14, Bottle - 50

Alpha Omega II ’10 Red Blend

Bin: 220, Region: California
Jean Hoefliger and Michael Roland worked to create a wine that is opulent, fruit forward and also has a backbone of European acidity and elegance. Silky tannins.
Bottle - 85

Nontypcial by Shedhorn ’11

Bin: 221, Region: California.
Not your typical red wine, a blend of Zinfandel, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sirah and petit sirah a unique blend blueberries and spice on the nose. Full bodied
Glass - 11, Bottle - 45

JRE Tradition Rogue ’09 Red Blend

Bin: 222, Region: California
One of our favorite, easy drinking wine. A fine blend of Tempranillo, Zinfandel and Petit Syrah that will satisfy all red wine fans
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

O’Briend Seduction ’12 Bordeaux Blend

Bin: 223, Region: California
Diverse and complex with a dynamic bouquet that keeps delivering mixed berries and dark fruit; exotic, supple, polished and balanced with silky tannins
Bottle - 105

O’Brien Unrestrained ’12 Proprietary Blend RESERVE

Bin: 224, Region: California
Beautiful blackberry and cassis fruit, a hint of graphite and spring flower. It's full-bodied and beautifully textured. Sadly, only 149 cases were produced
Bottle - 175

Saved ’12 Red Blend

Bin: 226, Region: California
Red currant, black cherry and black olive. Soft tannins balance with light oak Flavors. French oak for vanilla and coconut; American oak for caramel, créme brûlée and coffee
Bottle - 42

1448 Jeff Rundquist ’12 Proprietary Blend

Bin: 227, Region: California
This 1448 has a deep thick color expected from a wine blend of most Petit Sirah and Petit Verdot. Aromas of smoky currants and concentrated black fruits.
Glass - 9, Bottle - 34

Oenodea ’10 Cabernet-Sirah-Agioritiko Blend

Bin: 231, Region: Greek
Full bodies of aromas of red fruit and plum. Pairs well with Lamb as well as with Greek Cheeses
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Apelia Dry Red Wine Blend

Bin: 232, Region: Greek
A very dry red table wine made in a modern style with plumy and spicy notes. OPA!!!
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Elios Agioritico-Cabernet Blend

Bin: 233, Region: Greek
Purple hues and blackberry, plum and chocolate aromas abound. Rich on the palate with soft, round tannins and a bit of spiciness on the finish
Glass - 9, Bottle - 35

O’Brien Passion of the soul ’12 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bin: 250, Region: California
Dark, deep with brooding aromas of black currant, dark chocolate and ripe plum. Rich, dense with dark fruits veil of smooth tannins; an iron fist in a velvet glove
Bottle - 90

JRE Rutehrford ’08 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bin: 251, Region: California
Lush fruit with a lingering, full-mouth finish. This award-winning winery provides some of the classic flavors of the famous Rutherford region of Napa
Bottle - 116

Shedhorn ’10 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bin: 252, Region: California
This elegant well-balanced Cabernet Sauvignon is laced with black, cherry, hints of boysenberry and a deep raspberry richness; Very soft tannins.
Glass - 14, Bottle - 55

Franciscan ’11 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bin: 253, Region: California
Aromas of red plum, cherry, forest berries with notes of violet, earthy tobacco, leather and vanilla. Herbs like marjoram and oregano add complexity. Smooth and silky tannins
Glass - 13, Bottle - 52

Silver Oak ’10 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bin: 254, Region: California
Nose of cassis, blueberry, tobacco, tarragon and roasting coffe. The palate with a berry laden attack, full-bodied mid-palate and a long savoury finish and well-integrated tannins
Bottle - 95

Faust ’12 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bin: 255, Region: California
Black cherry, red plum and sandalwood aromas. The wine has an inviting rich entry with a velvety texture and notes of cassis, cocoa, and ripe wild berries
Bottle - 67

Iconoclast – Becker

Bin: 256, Region: Texas
Intense cherries, ginger spice, and just enough oak to round it out are complemented by a silky Tannic structure followed be a soft to medium finish
Glass - 7, Bottle - 22

Dorium Roble ’11 Tempranillo

Bin: 270, Region: Spain
Because of its short aging in wood this red wine offers an intense, fresh fruit expression and subtle colored shades of wood
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Dorium Crianza ’10 Tempranillo

Bin: 271, Region: Spain
Aroma of ripe fruit, strawberry and blueberry compote, roasted and vanilla. Round taste in mouth, velvety with a fine and elegant finish
Glass - 12, Bottle - 45

La Fuente ’12 Merlot

Bin: 280, Region: Texas
Fruit-forward, with lots of raspberry and blackberry cut with strong mocha and chocolate notes. Medium lingering tannis.
Glass - 10, Bottle - 38

Zorzal ’13 Malbec

Bin: 281, Region: Argentina
Superb mineral, violets and chalk aromas. Very complex and fresh
Glass - 8, Bottle - 32

Purple ’12 Malbec

Bin: 282, Region: Chile
Concentrated dark plum and blackberry flavors are fresh and lively in this full-bodied red. Dark chocolate notes accent the finish
Glass - 11, Bottle - 40

Domaine Bousquet ’12 Malbec

Bin: 283, Region: Argentina
This wine has a lively red color and smoky character. Aromas of red fruit with plum and dominating mature tannins
Glass - 9, Bottle - 35